Dr. Tamiera S. Harris

Dr. Tamiera S. Harris

Best-Selling Author | Certified Career Coach | Motivational Speaker

Dr. Harris grew up in North Philadelphia and had to overcome a number of obstacles. In her determination to be successful, she adapted a results oriented mentality, which helped her rapidly climb the career ladder. Dr. Harris is professionally trained as a researcher with experience managing large global clinical trials for Pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Harris never left career coaching and with her 15 years’ experience, helped many of her clients move from entry level jobs to six figure careers in 2-3 years.

She is the founder and visionary behind Black Career Coach Black Career Coach provides career coaching and helps clients overcome obstacles in the workforce by providing strategies that promote career growth and development. She is also the owner of Styles by Sparkles, LLC. ‘Styles by Sparkles’ mission is to help women unleash their inner sparkle. Styles by Sparkles provides women with hair, clothing, shoes, accessories and beauty products.

Dr. Harris confidently states that she is building her Sparkle Girl Empire and has successfully branched off to create books and other business ventures including opportunities for Sparkle Girl Consultants to sell her ‘Styles by Sparkles’ merchandise. Dr. Harris also established her own empowerment conference. The next Sparkle Girl Conference will be held in 2017 in Orlando, Florida.  Dr. Harris also released her first business course called Sparkle Girl. This is a 4 hour online course led by Dr. Harris where she educates women on setting up profitable businesses, branding, advertising and business management using many free or low cost resources.

In 2015, Dr. Harris began her journey as a Mom. As a first time adoptive mother, Dr. Harris launched Baby Sparkles Biz which will benefit her daughter. Dr. Harris is an advocate of the kidpreneur movement so she wanted to start her daughter off by setting up a successful business with a purposeful mission. Baby Sparkles mission is to educate and empower children to embrace their uniqueness, family traditions and to go confidently after their dreams. Dr. Harris recently released a Christian book called Baby Sparkles Goes to Church. It is designed to be an interactive book that should spark dialogue between parents and their young children as they learn about church, prayer and family traditions. Baby Sparkles Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Natural Hair Black Doll Babies, Books and Educational products are available on www.babysparkles.biz.

In September of 2016, Dr. Harris became a Best-Selling Author collaborating with Jack Canfield and other leading Entrepreneurs from around the world on The Road To Success. She also expanded Black Career Coach Training Academy to include offerings such as the Certified Career Coach credential and the Accredited Coaching Training Program all sponsored through the Professional Association of Black Career Coaches. She will soon release more books under Black Career Coach collaborating with Coaches, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Inspirational people from around the world.

When the odds were stacked against her as a young girl growing up in Richard Allen Projects Dr. Harris was determined to change her circumstances. Her first goal was to graduate college and to earn 6 figures. She graduated from Villanova University and was able to quickly reach her 6 figure goal. Now she is leading several brands that have annual goals of 6 and 7 figures.

Dr. Harris is now married, she is a spiritual Entrepreneur and a Christian woman of strong faith. She credits her success to God and her ability to remain positive when faced with difficult situations. Dr. Harris is following God’s purpose for her life and has been successful in helping celebrities and thousands of people reach their career and business goals.

Dream Big and take small steps towards your goals. At 33 years old Dr. Harris lives this way every day. She has been able to create the life she desired and generational wealth for her family. Dr. Harris has a few upcoming books including the Sparkle Girl Book Series, Black Career Coach and Projects to PhD: A Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Personal Development. These books will be beneficial to people who desire growth in both their personal and professional lives.