I am still in awe of how one small investment has changed my life. If you would have told me that I could make $30,000 more doing the same job I would have looked at you like you were crazy. Tamiera, your spirit is so amazing and you are so humble. I want to call you a career angel because you came right when I needed you.

-Tara, San Francisco, California

My business is now thriving thanks to your coaching calls. We have seen a profit every month. There was a time when we were struggling to make ends meet and now all my bills are paid, my employees are paid on time and my family just took a well-deserved vacation. You built up my confidence. Now I can say I am a successful Sparkle Girl. You did that for me. Thank you!!!

-Erica, Philadelphia, PA.

What I like about you the most is that there is no pressure. You basically told me when I was ready to just reach out to you. I am so glad I did. Thank you for helping me to get started with my business and for connecting me to great suppliers.

-Stacey, Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Harris,

Where were you when I was suffering on my job for 8 years! My wife, the boys and I are truly thankful for your services. I am in a better place in my life finally!

-Darren, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Thanks you for your dedication and I know you don’t work on weekends but you were flexible with my schedule and handled my meltdowns. It took us 2 months but we got it done. There were time when I didn’t do what you asked and you gave me a reality check. Once I got it together the job offers came rolling in. Listen to your career coach! I know better now and I look forward to working with you again. Sky is the limit.

-Tasha, Chicago, Illinois

Hello Tamiera, I am excited to launch my business. One week working with you has changed my life. I know you’re my career coach but you seem like a good friend to have in my corner. Let me know when you’re in my part of town. Dinner is on me!

-Jessica, Miami Florida

Dr. Harris,

Almost all of the questions were asked at my interview. I am so grateful that you prepared me yesterday, hence, I was comfortable and confident! You are awesome. Again, thank you.

-Shanah, Cincinnati Ohio

Hi Tamiera,

I have great news! I just went on my second interview and met with the director of the company. I was told I did great on the interview so I am just waiting to hear back on the status of my background check with hopes of getting an offer letter soon.

-Brandi, Bensalem, PA