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The Release Year Journal Clutch and diamond inspired style pen set is a undated journal and comes with all the actions needed to support your Release Year journey.


*This is just the Black Journal Clutch and Pen set. THIS IS ON PREORDER. YOU WILL RECEIVE UPDATES ON DELIVERY DATES.


The Release Year Book is Sold Separately


It's time to RELEASE everything that is holding you back from LIVING the peaceful, healthy and wealthy LIFE you deserve. Release Year is a self-guided book that you can start during any month with any topic and began your journey. Dr. Tamiera S. Harris a Clinical Research Professional, Career & Life Coach has suggested a start order as it relates to way our body and mind works. You are welcome to use the suggested flow or create your own based on where you are in life.


You start this transformative journey with yourself, do the inner work to overcome obstacles, measure your progress and celebrate your success along the way. You can’t help others until you help yourself! When you start your Release Year your cup may be empty. As you get towards the end of this journey, your cup should be filling up and for some it may be overflowing. You may have some room to help others but if you don't that's okay. You do what you can if it feels right.


Dr. Harris started Release Year to kick off her Transformative Life Coaching Accountability program. She began to see her clients having amazing breakthroughs and wanted to see if this is something that more people could benefit from if she put it all together in one book. As a Clinical Researcher she began to assess Release Year on herself and a small group of 25 clients. The outcome in the first 30 days was overwhelming, transformative and life changing. By Day 30, everyone completed their assessments and worked on a personal plan that covered the area where they required the most attention to get them on a path to living the life they imagined. By the end of the year we saw improvements in health, finances, relationships, better preparedness for life, peace and healing.


As the first cohort kept going it was a very emotional journey, from anger, regret and disappointment to happiness, healing, peace, comfort and freedom that some never experienced. Release Year is personal. Release Year is not tied to a new year. It is a way of LIVING LIFE.


Personal note from Dr. Harris


If you read this far, I just want to say thank you! I did not plan to become a Career & Life Coach. I faced many obstacles in my life from growing up poor in the projects, dealing with family who had substance abuse issues, weight issues, procrastination, infertility, discrimination, unemployment, business setbacks, divorce, grief, superwoman syndrome and fear. I had to develop tools and systems to overcome them. I did not just want to have a title as I already had achieved great success as a Clinical Research Professional. I did the work to learn what it takes to be a great coach.


In addition to having a PhD in Community Health Education & Advocacy, I have an MBA in Health Services, over 25 years of Research experience, I am a Certified Career Coach, Certified Project Manager and I have a Doctorate in Life Coaching.


The most important skill I have learned through all of that is how to connect with people and help them overcome obstacles. My motto is to Never let obstacles get in the way of what you want to do in life. Dream Big and take small steps towards your goals. By purchasing Release Year products, you are taking that first step.


I want to hear how you are doing during your Release Year. Please feel free to connect with me on social media. I promise I only share real life, unapologetically, not perfect, a work in progress, but still the real authentic me who finds joy and peace from my faith, family and friends. Thank you for taking these brave steps to focus on LIVING a peaceful, healthy and wealthy LIFE. You got this!

Release Year Journal Clutch and Diamond Pen Gift Set

Release Year Journal Gift Set Color: Black
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