Yes, you can earn money many ways...


  • Earn money online with a blog.
  • Earn money creating and selling eBooks.
  • Earn money online with YouTube.
  • Earn money from your lifestyle.


There are many other simple ways to earn money and I want to share simple ones that everyday people are using to make extra money all in my Sparkle Girl Course.


More importantly I will show you how to make up to $10,000 in the first 90 days just from your connection with me!


This is the type of networking and connections you need to make money fast.


I will not only show you how simple it is to make this 10k, I will also give you my blue print for creating multiple 6 figure businesses!


*Due to proprietary information shared in this course, a non-disclosure form is required to be signed within 48 hours of shipping notification.



Course Design


Course Cycle is 4 weeks broken up into 4 modules and you do not have to be in attendence at the time scheduled. You can join the course each week at your own pace or catch a live recording. 


Please have your workbook handy each week and participate in the weekly exercises. This will help you get closer to your goals in the course which is to make money! More importantly your active participation in this course will help the Entrepreneur community as blinded metrics will be shared publicly. Please note we do not share any personal details and respect your privacy. Workbooks are shipped prior to the course start date.


I want to see you win!


Thank you for letting me help you make some extra money. My ultimate goal and wish for you is that you use the money you make during the course to accomplish a goal or to invest in a business that will help you bring six-seven figures in income.




Sparkle Girl Course

$997.00 Regular Price
$497.00Sale Price
  • This is a digital course with a workbook to guide you each step of the way and that book will be shipped to your home via priority mail. The course link details will also be provided and you may be assigned to a live or prerecorded course depending on demand and availability of Dr. Tamiera Harris. 

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About Me

I help women sparkle in all areas of their lives as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Wealth Building Expert. My career has been built around managing research studies and leading large global Hematology and Oncology Clinical Trials in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry. I also have an Honorary Doctorate in Life Coaching and hold advanced degrees including a BA, MBA and PhD. I am a Certified Career Coach, Best Selling Author of The Road to Success with Jack Canfield and a Motivational Speaker. I have launched several successful businesses including Styles by Sparkles and Baby Sparkles. I am also the CEO of Black Career Coach where we offer Certifications, Business and Career Courses plus Career Coaching and Resume Distribution Services.


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