Please join me for an exclusive 4 hr virtual Saturday where I help you create your website, product offerings and set up your business to receive payments. If you already have a website no worries we can help you target products that fit your brand or working on pricing, marketing and advertising. This 4 hr slot can be used to set up your business, business mapping, business plan reviews or any painpoint or solution you may want to explore. Please note this service requires you to provide some prework to ensure our weekend is productive and you are getting the greatest return for your time and money. We also offer this service as a hands off option for an additional fee. This means we do your business setup and then we use a time slot to review all the details with you and to answer any questions before handing over everything to you. This offering is great for someone who wants to quickly get started with a business and who desires to start making money fast. If you want hands off model please order this service twice.

Please note we can do this even if you have no products or services. We can help you!

Virtual Business Weekend Fast Track Course