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I am seasoned career woman who has managed more than 200 million in Oncology Clinical Trial projects for small and large Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies from start up through study closeout. I decided to live the lifestyle I have imagined today so on my downtime you will find me blogging and helping other people with their Business and Career. Most people know me as Black Career Coach since I represent the company as the CEO offering Career Coaching, Certifications and Training. However there is another side of me I want to share with you all and that is my life as an Entrepreneur running multiple businesses and helping others do the same. Also, I am a mom so you may see my daughter appear in some of my blogs. I had to overcome many challenges including growing up in the projects, fertility issues, divorce, health issues and the most heartbreaking experience having my soon to be adopted child whom I raised since birth taken from me illegally twice in 1 year #JusticeforTamia.  One thing about me is that I will never give up on my goals even if the plan has to be changed around or if it takes a long time. My daughter is back home with her family after a very long and costly battle against DHS in Philadelphia. God has since blessed me with a son who was delivered naturally at 35 years young in 2019. I am thankful for God giving me the opportunity to be a mom via adoption and pregnancy. My personality is very humble, loving, kind, patient and I enjoy helping others. I treat everyone with respect and dignity no matter their background. I have since remarried the love of my life. We are thankful to God for helping us restore, rebuild and renew our love after being together since high school/college. Push through even if you are going through is my motto. Let's sparkle and shine together accomplishing our goals and pushing past our comfort zones. Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard for it.


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Dr. Tamiera Harris

"Never let your situation become an obstacle to what you want to do in life. Dream big and take small steps towards your goals." - Dr. Tamiera S. Harris

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About Me

I help women sparkle in all areas of their lives as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Wealth Building Expert. My career has been built around managing research studies and leading large global Hematology and Oncology Clinical Trials in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry. I also have an Honorary Doctorate in Life Coaching and hold advanced degrees including a BA, MBA and PhD. I am a Certified Career Coach, Best Selling Author of The Road to Success with Jack Canfield and a Motivational Speaker. I have launched several successful businesses including Styles by Sparkles and Baby Sparkles. I am also the CEO of Black Career Coach where we offer Certifications, Business and Career Courses plus Career Coaching and Resume Distribution Services.


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