ABOUT dr. harris



I started my journey in Research back in 1998 under the Physician Scientist Training Program in Philadelphia at Temple University. Under this program I was able to conduct research at top universities and pharmaceutical research sites in Chicago, Toronto, San Diego and Philadelphia. I transitioned from working in a laboratory to Clinical Research back in 2010. I am a  Senior Clinical Research Professional who has managed more than 300 million in Global Clinical Trial projects for Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies working at 5 of the top CROs in the United States including ICON, PRA Health Sciences, Parexel, IQVIA and PPD. As a Clinical Operational Strategist and Senior Director I have secured over 36 million in new study awards over the past 6 months. I enjoy coaching clinical teams, networking with research advocacy groups and connecting with vendors that support clinical trial efficiency, data management, decentralization, and improving experience and engagement. with patients and sites. 


I decided to live the lifestyle I have imagined today so on my downtime you will find me blogging and helping other people with their Life/Career goals and obstacles. My mantra is to live the life you have imagined and do more of what makes you happy. I have a high energy personality because I built a life and career that I love and I am excited just to wake up and start my day. It does not feel like work when you are doing the things that bring you the most joy. For me that is Clinical Research, Life & Career Coaching, being the Co-owner of Laface Beauty Studio in Las Vegas, cooking perscatarian style, running,  and balancing work and life as a mom and wife.


It took me a while to realize that I did not have to limit myself from being great or hide my passions. Most people know me as Black Career Coach since I represent the company as the CEO offering Career Coaching, Certifications and Training. However there is another side of me I want to share with you all and that is my life as an Entrepreneur running multiple businesses and helping others do the same. This is why I personally created this website. Yes I am techy too and love to save money so I do a little DIY and only outsource tasks that cuts into the things that brings me joy.  However I realized perfection and procrastination holds people back and you really need to be confident and put yourself out there so you can improve.

I am mostly a remote CEO which means my businesses run on auto pilot. This allows me the freedom to really make an impact in this world while continuing to work in Clinical Research. I also spend just a few hours coaching a handful of clients per week and through Black Career Coach refer people to some amazing coaches all over the world.


I had to overcome many challenges including growing up in the projects, fertility issues, divorce, health issues and the most heartbreaking experience having my soon to be adopted child whom I raised since birth taken from me 3 times in 1 year. This is after I had my biological relative for 3 years since her birth and was working with the child protective agency called DHS to formalize her adoption. The birth mother was initially misinformed by DHS that she had to go through them in order to proceed with a family placed adoption. We later found out this was false and if she knew her rights and was not misled we could have avoided years of pain and trauma for our family.

God has since blessed me with an amazing husband and a son who was delivered naturally at 35 years young in 2019. I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to be a mom via a natural birth and for the family placed adoption. I started a non profit organization called Philly FACES to advocate for Pennsylvania families who find themselves in similar situation.  We are still getting set up but I am currently doing some volunteer work for the organization. This has been therapeutic for my daughter and I to help other families who are in need of resources, financial support with legal expenses, education or comfort as they navigate the child welfare system.


My motto besides living the life I imagined & doing more of what makes me happy is simply push through even if you're going through.  I am all about positive vibes, overcoming obstacles and choosing peace over everything.  I love to learn new things and enjoy talking to people and helping others succeed. I was raised by Grandmother and she taught me about love, respect and kindness to all. I treat everyone with respect and dignity no matter their background or if we have different beliefs. If you need an accountability partner please book a coaching session, check out my courses and books or join my free Facebook group called Black Career Coach.


Please book life and career coaching here. I have written several books that are available for purchase on my website. Amazon and book retailers. I currently offer three courses through Black Career Coach for Career professionals and Coaches. Project Management and a Beauty CEO business certification that you can book hereMedia Inquiries/Paid Interviews or Speaking opportunities please reach out to my team at Black Career Coach. Please be prepared with the purpose, audience, time commitment, dates and your budget for the interview or speaking engagement in your inquiryinfo@blackcareercoach.org