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Every problem is an opportunity for a solution. Never give up! LIVE the LIFE you have imagined and DO more of what makes YOU happy. 

- Dr. Tamiera S. Harris


My mission is to empower and motivate people to go after their dreams. I help my clients shine in all areas of their lives as a Career and Life Coach and a Wealth Building Expert. My career has been built around managing large global Clinical Research Trials for Biotechs and Pharmaceutical Sponsors, running 3 businesses (Coaching, Beauty and Toys), investing in Real Estate and the Car Rental  Industries.  I have managed Clinical Trials for 5 of the top 10 CROs in our country including IQVIA, Parexel, PRA Health Sciences, PPD and ICON. My purpose in life is to be a voice and a advocate for fair treatment, equal opportunities and helping people to overcome obstacles in their life, career and business.

 I am a mother of two, a wife and a Christian. I have a PhD in Health Services with a specialty in Community Health Education and Advocacy, a MBA degree specializing in Health Services and  was the first in my family to graduate college receiving a Bachelor's Degree focused on Liberal Arts & Sciences from Villanova University. I am the CEO of Clinical Trial PM and Founder of Black Career Coach® where we offer Career Coaching, Certifications, Career Courses and Resume Services. I  am of the Authors of The Road to Success with Jack Canfield and a Motivational Speaker. I have launched several successful businesses including Las Vegas Beauty Studio® in Las Vegas, Nevada, Courses for Certifications in Project Management, Beauty CEO® a Certification Program for Beauty Professionals and Baby Sparkles® a children's book and doll company. "


Never let your situation become an obstacle to what you want to do in life. Dream big and take small steps towards your goals." - Dr. Tamiera S. Harris


“Dr. Harris helped me through the most difficult time in my life and career. I had to pray everyday just to make it through the day. I was stressed out thinking no one truly understood what I was going through. Then I met Dr. Harris online. This is a woman who has not only been through the most challenging obstacles but she also overcame them all. I needed a customize plan that helped me manage and overcome workplace issues and a strategy to help me achieve my personal life goals. Dr. Harris is passionate about coaching and allowed me the time to vent, to share my fears and to help me overcome them all. I am living the life I imagined thanks to my amazing coach”


My journey began with a deep passion for helping others succeed, and it's only grown stronger over the years. I've seen it all - triumphs, setbacks, and everything in between. My commitment to my clients is unwavering, and I'm here to help you break through barriers, overcome obstacles, and achieve your wildest dreams.

My Philosophy:

"I want to see you win!" is more than just a slogan; it's the driving force behind everything I do. Your success is my success, and I'm dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential. I believe that with the right guidance and mindset, there's nothing you can't achieve. Together, we'll turn your dreams into reality.

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